What Is a Clear Aligner? Find Out!

Nowadays, it’s strange to see a child go through their teenage years without undergoing teeth-straightening procedures. Traditional braces are still very popular, but there are other orthodontic options that are spending more time in the limelight. Invisalign™ is one such treatment that has become immensely popular for a variety of reasons. If you aren’t sure what clear aligners are, here’s some basic information that will help you decide if this type of teeth-straightening method is right for you.

Clear Aligner Basics

Clear aligners are made from durable plastic that’s molded to fit tightly over your teeth. The aligners are made to gently prod certain teeth into position to deliver a straighter smile and a more accurate bite. Approximately every two to three weeks, you’ll need to visit your dentist for a new set of aligners that will adjust the teeth even further.

What To Expect From Your Treatment

Many people are surprised to learn that Invisalign® can potentially straighten the smile more quickly than traditional braces. Invisible aligners are also more comfortable to wear because they lack brackets that can poke and scrape the inner cheeks and lips. Plastic aligners are more discreet than other teeth-straightening options, which is one reason they are so popular among high-school students and adults. Once your convenient and minimally uncomfortable treatments are complete, you’ll need to wear a retainer according to the instructions of your dentist. This will keep your teeth from shifting back to their original positions.

How to Know if You’re a Candidate

You may be a good candidate for invisible aligners if any of the following situations apply to you:

  • Slightly or moderately crooked teeth
  • Bite problems (including overbite, crossbite, open bite and underbite)
  • Gaps between your teeth
  • Overcrowding

If your teeth are severely crooked or your oral issues require surgery, Invisalign® may not be a viable treatment option.

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