What Dental Implants Really Cost

It is a stressful thing to suffer any damage to your teeth, but losing an entire tooth or multiple teeth can be devastating. In addition to the health risks and blow to your confidence when smiling, you might worry about how much it will cost to get your mouth back to normal again. Understanding the real cost of dental implants can help put your worries at ease and assist you in budgeting for your procedure. Dr. Ramon A. Duran of Duran & Martinez Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentistry wants you to know what factors affect the final cost of any implant procedure.

Factors Affecting the Cost

The cost of an implant procedure differs between people because it depends on the extent of the damage and who is placing the implant. There are several factors that affect the final cost:

  • Number of implants: It will cost more to place multiple implants.
  • Extent of bone loss: You may need a bone graft if there is extensive bone loss. Enough bone density is required for the implant procedure to be a success.
  • Tissue grafting: Like a bone graft, you will need enough soft tissue to keep the implant in place. This may be an extra procedure necessary before placing an implant.
  • Number of visits: Your dentist may be able to do the implant in as little as one office visit, but it depends on your needs and how much preparatory work is necessary.
  • Insurance plan: Your dental insurance may cover some of the cost of an implant.

Benefits Included With Your Purchase

When you choose to go through with a dental implant procedure, you may restore your confidence to smile and laugh again. Successful implants help you to eat and speak normally, and you care for them the same way you do your normal teeth. In addition, if you take care of your dental implants properly and they are placed by a skilled dentist, they may last a lifetime.

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