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five star rating
“My dental issues started when I was 7 years old and I had an accident where I lost part of my front teeth. After going through many interventions by several dentists, I had the pleasure to meet Dr. Duran and his excellent team. Today at 42 years old, I don’t need to hide my teeth anymore and can smile freely and happily. Thanks!”
Milka Martinez
five star rating
“I can only describe my visits to Dr. Duran’s office in the following manner, calm and pleasant. Dr. Duran and his staff are consummate professionals that ensure you are comfortable and actually make the dentist appointment a good experience, and the result of his work speaks for itself. He is a perfectionist and you leave his office completely satisfied with one heck of a beautiful smile!!!!! Thank you Dr. Duran, you are THE BEST!”
Nydia A. Rodriguez
five star rating
My experience with Dr. Duran, my dentist, has been extraordinary. His care as a professional and his availability when most needed have been the main reason for me to stay as a patient since 1995. The patient/dentist relationship with Dr. Duran is quite unique. His desire and commitment to solve my oral health needs have made me develop a deep sense of empathy and appreciation toward him. I can’t be more pleased. I am very grateful to Dr. Duran and his staff! God bless you!
Dr. Jose Mendez, President of Sistema Universitario Ana G. Mendez
five star rating
“When I first met Dr. Duran, my goal was to correct the unevenness of my teeth. I wanted my smile to look better but I never thought I was going to end with such a spectacular smile! Now I really enjoy wearing my red lipstick! The excellent, personalized and highly professional services provided by Dr. Duran and his staff exceed my expectations. Thank you! I am more than pleased with my end result and the way in which it was delivered.”
Vanessa Gonzalez

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